Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Link Twitter account?

Ok, what does this actually do? and is it really useful?

CPD 23 Thing 3: Consider your personal brand

I always have a problem with branding especially when it comes to photo's (ask anyone who works in my department). I don't know why I feel this way but if I was a teenager today I would possibly think differently about it. I generally keep private things private and am still getting to grips with the popularity of social media.
My biggest issue is that once its 'out there' can it ever be deleted? If I were to delete my blog page in a year or so, are my blogs from now still available to others?
Anyway, I am still looking through my brand but for now I'm using a favourite photo I took of Aberavon Beach with the sun shining (I had to wait ages for it).

Monday, 14 May 2012

What to read next?

Can someone suggest a title or two to get my teeth into? I've just finished reading the first 3  Jo Nesbo titles and have really enjoyed but need a break from all that crime...